Organic Lawn Care

SoilKeepers nurture healthy soils to grow healthy plants

SoilKeepers 2018 Crew

SoilKeepers is an affordable non-profit river-friendly lawn maintenance and restoration service piloted in Fredericksburg, Virginia in 2014. We were developed as a program of the Center for Natural Capital, a local charitable organization focused on ecosystem restoration to achieve economic development through professional lawn service. This simply means that we are different from other lawn care professionals in that our mission is not to increase our bottom line for the purpose of making more money, but rather to focus on the overall health of the lawns in our area as they eventually drain into the rivers and waterways that we pull from for our local water. 

We offer lawn care and maintenance that focuses on a holistic approach to the health of your lawn by examining the quality of what you put in your yard as well as how you enjoy that space. Our clients tend to care about the long-term health of their yard which is why we focus on getting your grass into a cycle of self-sufficiency where you won’t need to perform heavy work on a routine basis. We will say it another way. We want you to eventually not need many of our services due to the high-quality fitness your yard develops from our treatments. 

We believe that if we assist our clients in not needing our services, they will recommend us to their family and friends that feed into our long-term growth. We drive down the same roads as you and we see the need for our residential law service. We hope this website makes you a believer in the SoilKeepers way.