What’s Wrong with the Conventional Approach?

It’s hard to believe, but true, that “lawn” is now the second largest type of land use (forestland #1) in the multi-state region that drains into the Chesapeake Bay. The conventional approach to lawns is to treat the stuff that grows grass (“dirt”) as dead or not alive or just not a consideration. Through television advertising we are sold the notion to “feed it” (the grass) otherwise it will die. Well, that’s true but only because life in the soil was killed by synthetic chemicals and fertilizers in the first place or topsoil was removed in the development process – leaving lifeless soil (dirt).

Real soil is alive! There is a whole world down there that breathes and when it is Healthy and Well the soil FEEDS ITSELF and the plants without us and our toxic chemicals (see below). And the really cool thing – it puts money in our pockets in avoided fertilizer and herbicide costs year after year.

chemical dependency

The use of synthetic chemicals by the landscape Industry is bad for people, pets, and streams, rivers, and our oceans.