We Stay In Touch with Our Clients

We stay in touch with our clients even during the landscaping off-season. An example email sent to Central Virginia clients from late fall, 2016:

SoilKeepers Friends and Clients,

You know how you do business with folks (sometimes particularly physicians!) these days and never hear from them beyond the office or after the job? Well we want to stay in touch and continue to help you even if it’s over the winter or you’re an almost client of ours – because the reason we exist is to help you live a more healthy and beautiful lifestyle through your plants and soil. Being a quasi soil geek, I keep an eye on soil temps. (screen shot shown below):

november-soil-tempsI know this looks unreadable but it’s easy, the first column is soil temp. down to 2 inches, the second column is down to 4 inches. The rows are days, with the last row being yesterday and then going backwards 16 days. So you see that temps. are falling but they are still not yet below 40 degrees Fahrenheit (shown on the chart as 4.6 degrees Celsius for yesterday – this translates to ~ 40 degrees F at 2 inches deep). The point is that plant roots are still growing until soil temps. drop to freezing (32 degree F). So continuing to water newly planted grass and vegetation is okay as long as evening temps. don’t drop below freezing, otherwise freeze/thaw occurs. I was out visting some clients yesterday and noticed this has occurred because we’ve recently had night temps. down into the 20s. So, continued watering is okay for a few more days as long as nighttime temps. stay above 32 F so check what evening temps. are supposed to be for evening following watering before you turn on the water.

Those of you that have been doing your watering, well congratulations, I can see the results. I can also see where some have been unable to consistently water and the seed failed to germinate/rotted in the topdressing. Below is typical appearance of color of organically managed turf for mid-fall on the right. The left is also well managed by homeowner but without organic inputs.











Don’t hesitate to stay in touch with questions, comments, concerns during winter. Organic landscape management is complex as we are dealing with the interplay of a complex web of living organisms. You will hear back from me when soil temps. drop to freezing.

And for those of you we are doing some final year end native plantscaping, we will be in back in touch next week to finish your project.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Mike, Eric, Art, and Debbie


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