Our Soil Amendments

We prefer the use of amendments and products that are naturally occurring in nature. This means leaf compost, mushroom compost, compost-topsoil blends, manure, and extracts of oils and mild acids for pesticides and herbicides. We are not fundamentalist about this. Sometimes it may the lesser of multiple evils to use a synthetic compound for a particular landscape practice. Also, it is important to note that even naturally occurring amendments can have synthetic compounds in them. For example, compost can have herbicide residues. So, we carefully source our amendments to avoid this if possible. Sometimes we can’t – vendors in some locations don’t know and even if they think they know, their vendor’s don’t know, and so it is hard to be sure anything is “pure”. We just try to ask questions and be as careful as we can knowing how the health of humans and nature is one in the same in the long run.

For the fall of 2016 we are adding to our amendments a blended compost-topsoil. Here is lab results for this product:

Rose Garden Soil

SoilKeepers compost – top soil blend analysis