Natural Landscape Design

Pollinator agricultural field

Native plant floodplain field

Landscape Designer 

The SoilKeepers method to landscape design for our clients takes into account the local plants and flowers that thrive in our area while keeping an eye on creating a gorgeous lawn that evolves with the seasons. This entails using various garden plants, landscaping rocks, retaining walls, natural mulch, organic fertilizer, as well as simplistic grass lawn care. It is just as important to us that you have a beautiful backyard with moderate physical needs outside of basic lawn care maintenance.

We use experienced landscape designers to create the oasis where you want to relax or maybe the field where you want to play catch. Some clients say, “Redesign my garden, please,” but we sometimes discover that only partial adjustments will achieve their ultimate objective. We promise to deliver honest feedback in our analysis of your yard with your lawn’s best interests in mind.

Small Yard Landscaping 

Have a townhouse and looking for simple small garden design ideas, small front yard landscape design, or some simple designs for your back garden? Wanting to create a garden for a small yard? We can assist with this and so much more. Our team works on all size locations including small yards. We even offer discounts when multiple owners in a close space use our services together as we can achieve a healthy lawn for everyone on a faster timeline. Be sure to contact us soon to see how you can best prepare your lawn for the seasonal changes.

Medium Yard Landscaping

Estate properties greater than an acre require a different approach to lawn care. The need for larger distribution of plant beds is not necessary but may compliment the expansiveness of your property. Considering the flexibility of using our organic lawn treatment program with our lawn maintenance service to achieve the desired amount of relaxation coupled with amazing results. Your back and lawn equipment bill will thank you.

Large Yard Landscaping

 Yards over an acre can seem promising with the potential for development of a master plan while simultaneously seem out of reach due to the effort required especially as physical exertion becomes optional. We strongly recommend our lawn maintenance service for these expansive spaces to create beautiful landscaping while also complimenting the natural balance of your estate. Consideration of mother nature is always paramount.