Ecological Landscaping

Soil biology testing is valuable to determine ecological grass restoration treatment

Soil biology results showing presence of some pathogenic soil organisms and suboptimal nitrogen cycling capacity

Healthy residential lawn care doesn’t just happen by accident. That’s why we perform a soil analysis of your property to determine the soil quality while also noting potential pet and pest impacts to dying plants and bare areas. Once we have researched your yard, we develop a custom plan on your lawn’s need for periodic aerator use, lawnmower seasonal height recommendations, lime treatments, fertilizer applications, and much more.  We consider ourselves more like lawn treatment companies instead of simply professional lawn maintenance.

We also need to know the best lawn care service approach for the weeds that may be overtaking the beautiful grass that is ready to flourish on your property. For example, we have noticed buttonweed taking over turf in many neighborhoods. We consider every natural herbicide as the preferred alternative to products that hurt the soil over the long-haul. Thick long turf is always one of the best defenses against excessive weed growth. Our lawn care professionals will devise a customized strategy of growing your natural grass as well as your pride. You’ll be happy to invite guests over for a BBQ and you may find yourself even offering some guidance to the newbies.