Providing human, pet, and river friendly landscape restoration and maintenance since 2014.

Fall is the best time to begin compost topdressing + soil food supplement Biogenicals© + non-toxic weed control.


• Beautiful turf and plants • Healthier for people and pets • Reduce turf need for water and fertilizer • Reduce demand on water wells and reservoirs • Reduce nutrient pollution to Chesapeake Bay • Sequester greenhouse gases

SoilKeepers specializes in Healthy Soil Microbiology.

Many soil types in Virginia have all the nutrients they need for most types of plant growth. What is needed is a balanced community of bacteria, fungi, and other microbes to feed these at the root zone.

Different types of plants need different ratios of bacteria to fungi.

SoilKeepers Soil Health Protocol is the least expensive method to maintain a beautiful yard, provide safe play areas for children and pets, while helping Mother Nature.

(December, 2018)...the check is on the way. BTW: our yard looks great! Thanks.D.R. Charlottesville (November, 2018) Hi Mike! Is it my imagination or is my grass already looking better? E.B. Fredericksburg (April, 2018) I have no interest in watering the grass in my yard nor spraying with chemicals or pesticides. I do have an interest in healthy turf and the nagging guilt of what must be done to create the perfect lawn. Wow! What the Soilkeepers team has done to my yard is epic. Treating the soil instead of the plant (grass) is the key. As Mike Collins says…it is probiotics for your soil…healthy soil means healthy plant material (grass). One big initial treatment and then testing and follow up by the Soilkeepers team has my turf growing so strong and healthy I am astounded. I can recommend Soilkeepers and their methods of turf care without reservation. D.P. Somerset (March, 2018) Hi, Mike – the front yard looks terrific. V., Albemarle County (March, 2018) If you're nearby, will you please stop by and see how my lawn is looking? I think it looks pretty good! T.W., Fredericksburg (November, 2017) Hi Mike, when will you pass by to see your good work and give some advise? Thanks, A.S., Fredericksburg (August, 2017) Mike, thank you so very much for taking care of everything. I truly appreciate I can count on you when in need. Thank you again! C.K.,Locust Grove (February, 2017) Hi, Just wanted to touch base with you about our lovely green lawn. Wondered what, if anything, we need to do to keep it healthy and green. Are you planning to come out and evaluate it again? We weren't quite sure what the next step is but for the moment, it looks better than it has looked in ages. P.D., Charlottesville (March, 2017) Our neighbor says "your lawn looks like something you would see in Coronado California" C.W., Fredericksburg