SoilKeepers 2014

A yard maintenance service helping suburban homeowners improve yard health, beauty, river-friendliness and real estate value through healthy soil

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SoilKeepers = increased real estate value + soil, water, and habitat conservation science

SoilKeepers helps concerned homeowners bridge the need for affordable yard maintenance with concerns about lawn toxic chemicals and impacts on children and nature

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SoilKeepers trains and employs upper high school and college young adults interested in careers in the great outdoors.

SoilKeepers provides job skills and decent pay for hard work. SoilKeepers learn how to blend technology, science, and physical labor to benefit the homeowner and the world at large.

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The program is cooperative venture with vendors of Virginia "River Friendly" products and services.

SoilKeepers is based on the River Friendly Yard project completed by The National Wildlife Federation, the Virginia Department of Forestry, the Rappahannock River Basin Commission, the City of Fredericksburg, the National Wildlife Federation, the Center for Natural Capital + other Partners in 2012.

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For the Homeowner - Affordable, Trusted, and Prompt Maintenance Services

SoilKeepers provides mowing, edging, raking, pruning, and mulch application services. Contact Mike at 540-661-7379 To schedule a free consultation.

For the Vendor - Becoming SoilKeepers Certified

Certified Yard Improvement Project Vendor List

For the Homeowner - Free Yard Improvement Project Recommendations

In addition to maintenance services, SoilKeepers help clients select Certified Vendors to perform Yard Improvement Projects to improve the health, beauty, river-friendliness, and real estate value of their home.

SoilKeepers Team 2014

Meet the young adults trained to care for your property.

SoilKeepers is the trusted partner of Virginia homeowners interested in the health, beauty, and value of their homes. - Michael Collins, Executive Director, Center for Natural Capital